January 9, 2016

Starters and Salads

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Potatoes “Es Virot” Potatoes, alioli and garlic prawns with cayenne pepper 11,5
Potatoes with blue cheese sauce 7,5
Garlic bread and cheese 7
Nachos with chedar cheese and jalapeños 10,5
Spicy hot chicken wings with BBQ sauce 8,5
Andalusian style fried squids with sweet chili sauce 12,5
“Es Virot” squids (spicy hot) 12,5
Fried whitebaits with broken eggs 12,5
Garlic prawns (spicy hot) 14
Mussels “a la brava” (hot) 14,5
Tuna tataki with wasabi mayonnaise 14,5
Free-range eggs with potatoes and Iberian cured ham shavings 10,5
Bruschetta caprese Tomato, mozzarella di bufala, avocado, anchovies and basil oil 10,5
Chef David bruschetta Bull tail, tomato, rocket and Greek yoghurt and mint sauce 12,5
Rustic bread, alioli and olives (per person) 2


Young tuna salad with honey vinaigrette, soya and sesame 11,5
Spinach salad Spinach sprouts, crispy bacon, scrambled egg, parmesan cheese and basil, honey and Modena vinaigrette 11,5
“Es Virot” salad Tomato carpaccio with avocado, green leafs, grapes, crispy goat cheese, Modena dressing, honey and basil 12
Tropical salad with chicken Mixed vegetables, mango, cherry tomato, “quicos” (toasted corn) and marinated chicken, accompanied by cocktail sauce 11,5
Avocado and prawn salad Julienne strips lettuce, avocado, prawns, pineapple, spring onion and cocktail sauce 11,5
Duck ham salad With mi-cuit foie, soft cheese, green leafs, walnuts, mango, cherry tomato and honey vinaigrette with mustard 13,5

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